Our awards

Camping Qualité charter

As a guarantee of quality, the Parc de Fierbois is acknowledged by “Camping Quality” which is the unique national and official quality charter. Strict and regular controls for more than 600 criteria are done by an independent organism.

Each manager of the Quality Camping Charter signs an agreement which stipulates that he must abide by the 5 following points:


1 – A warm welcome
Hospitality, availability, consideration and efficiency are the main aims of the manager and his team.
All this contributes to make sure that you will have a pleasant and friendly stay.


2 – Meticulously clean
During the whole season, the camp site is kept clean and hygienic.


3 – Precise and correct information

The campsite manager makes sure that the information on his property is clear, exact and complete:

      • Full description of equipment,
      • Times and opening hours of the reception,
      • The various amenities and activities, The prices are clearly indicated and applied.

4 – A private pitch
The campsite manager does the most to offer and guarantee the tranquillity of the site.
The grounds must be set up with style and integrate into the beauty of the environment.

5 – An improved and respected environment
The campsite manager makes a commitment to preserve the nature and the environment, to fit out his campsite respectfully, protection and search for adapted environmental solutions.
The landscaping and the energy savings are priorities for Camping Qualité, so participating in the conservation of a more and more threatened environment.

More informations : www.campingqualite.com

Quality tourisme label

The Parc de Fierbois has made a commitment to respect the Qualité Tourisme label.

A quality trademark:Qualité Tourisme™ is a trademark which groups together the efforts made by the tourist trade to give high quality service for client’s satisfaction.

A confidence guarantee :Qualité Tourisme™, registered by the Minister of Tourism, is a guarantee of quality for you and for your clients.

Our obligations:

  • Information and communication: we have to give to our customers a clear, precise and complete information, at the phone and on the site as well (indication, signs, etc…).
  • Personal welcome: kindness, courtesy, warmth and a smile, availability, attention…
  • Competence of personnel: to take care of the client, to give advice, to give specific information, to speak foreign languages.
  • Comfort of the places: maintenance and cleanliness, vegetation and green areas, places of reception and relaxation, comfortable furniture.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of the places: hygiene, various equipments in good condition (toilet blocks, furniture, kitchens,…)
  • Valorization of the local resources: provision of drinks and regional dishes, information for the customers on local sightseeings.

More informations : www.atout-france.fr

The Green Key label



This voluntary label is based on rigorous criteria and an independent jury for international recognition.


The criteria cover different fields of environmental management:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: General Environmental Management, Employee Training
  • WATER MANAGEMENT: Resource management and sanitation, plumbing, sprinkler
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: Sorting waste volume reduction
  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Managing energy, heat, domestic equipment, lighting
  • PURCHASING MANAGERS: Food, maintenance, other procurement
  • FRAMEWORK OF LIFE: Indoor environment, outdoor environment
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: Information for guests, nature activities


More informations : www.laclefverte.org

Accueil Vélo

Le camping Parc de Fierbois est devenu « Accueil Vélo » début 2014.

Le label « Accueil Vélo » garantit une qualité d’accueil propre à la pratique cyclo touristique. Ce label est attribué aux hébergeurs, loueurs et réparateurs de vélos, offices de tourisme et sites de visites respectant un cahier des charges précis :


  • Mettre à disposition des touristes à vélo les informations touristiques et de service utiles à leur séjour
  • Pouvoir conseiller le touriste à vélo sur le déroulement de son séjour
  • Informer les touristes à vélo sur les conditions météorologiques
  • Pouvoir assurer le transfert des bagages des touristes à vélo au prochain point d’hébergement (gratuit ou payant)
  • Donner la possibilité de réserver un hébergement ou taxi, etc. (gratuit ou payant)
  • Offrir aux touristes à vélo la possibilité de laver et sécher leur linge (gratuit ou payant)